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Early Education Turns Dreams into Reality | Clubul de educație alternativă
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Early Education Turns Dreams into Reality

poster-portraitPolicy Center for Roma and Minorities partner Asociația Ovidiu Rom has launched a new component of its Each Child in Kindergarten project. In 2012, the organization is organizing a public information campaign on the importance of early education and the impact of a child’s first years of life on that child’s the cognitive development.

International studies show that children who start their education early have better results and stay in school longer than their peers who enter the education system at a later age. “Children who receive quality early education need fewer costly special education classes and are more likely to graduate from high school and to hold jobs. (…) Early education (1) helps prepare young children to succeed in school and become better citizens, (2) is essential for a productive 21st century workforce and (3) increases productivity and tax earnings.” (Calman and Tarr-Whelan, The Economic Impact of Early Education)

The majority of disadvantaged families are unaware of the critical importance of early education. This is why the Each Child in Kindergarten project helps 1,400 children from 20 economically marginalized communities to enroll in kindergarten and attend courses regularly.

This is one of four video clips created for the campaign. The other three may be viewed in the video section of the website.

Policy Center for Roma and Minorities has supported this initiative financially within the framework of the REACT project, which was financed by the European Commission and ended in December 2011. Implemented by the ERGO Network, REACT piloted strategies of inclusion for the Roma minority in four European countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania).


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