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Love sports! No Racism! No Violence!

The campaign “Love sports! No racism! No violence!” continues to convey a strong pro inclusion and tolerance message by bringing together people of different ages and from different social and cultural environments. While football, basketball, volleyball, ping pong and street dance training sessions take place every week in the Alternative Education Club in Elementary Schools no 2, 136 and 148, we also facilitate constant interactions with sportspeople outside the ghetto area. On Sunday (November 11), over 120 parents and children came to play basketball – a way to build awareness about the role sports plays in building communities and helping social inclusion. Children from the ghetto and abandoned children from the Night Shelter took part in the four hours activity. Teams wore t-shirts with Policy Center and the campaign “Love sports! No racism! No violence!”. Artesania Basketball Club – where our performance basketball players train weekly – was our partner in this event.

On November 14, over 40 children from the Alternative Education Club had the chance to support the national Romanian football team from the first row of the National Arena at the friendly match against Belgium. The children wore UEFA T-Shirts with the message “United Against Racism” and Respect caps. Special thanks to the Romanian Football Federation that made this possible. Despite some turbulence among some of the supporters, the children enjoyed the match with enthusiasm up to the last minute when Romania won by 2 to 1 against Belgium.