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July 2014 – Roma entrepreneurship in Romania

Project Name: Roma entrepreneurship in Romania. Research and advocacy for setting up a financial instrument facilitating
access of small Roma entrepreneurs and social businesses in Romania to micro-credits
Financer: Open Society Foundations
  • The Romanian Center for European Policies
  • Policy Center for Roma and Minorities
Implementation time frame: July 2014 – July 2015
Budget: 12600 USD (PCRM budget)
  • Evaluation of the situation of small Roma entrepreneurs concerning the financial needs and pleading
    for creating a financial instrument which can simplify the access to adequate financing sources –
    micro crediting
  • Creating a profile of the Roma entrepreneur who contracted (micro) credits in 15 economically active
    communities, highlighting their financial status, access to capital and the future financial needs
  • Compiling a recommendation document for the Romanian Government suggesting the creation of a
    financial fund destined to Roma entrepreneurs – a micro crediting fund