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September 2011 – Debate House

Project Name: Debate House
Financer: Soros Foundation Romania
Partners: Policy Center for Roma and Minorities
Implementation time frame: September 2011 – February 2013
Budget: 30900 USD
  • Developing methods to stimulate active citizenship and facilitate intercultural education, suitable
    to the school system in Romania
  • Changing the negative attitudes towards the Roma minority, supporting dialogue and exchanging
  • Encouraging pro-active attitudes among the teachers and students
  • Involving 25 teachers and 10 classes of high school students from Bucharest in the project
  • Organizing 4 workshops with 25 teachers regarding multiculturalism, human rights, nondiscrimination,
    tolerance and diversity
  • Organizing 30 seminaries held by the teachers for the students on subjects like multiculturalism,
    human rights, non-discrimination, tolerance and diversity
  • Organizing 3 workshops with teachers and students regarding social issues, with the participation of
    public figures relevant for this field
  • Creating a brochure of educational resources which promote diversity, nondiscrimination, tolerance

Debate house