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Blog | Clubul de educație alternativă | Policy Center | Pagina 19

Halloween Charity Ball: celebrating social inclusion and education

(English) On October 30th, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities attended the 6th edition of the Halloween Charity Ball organized by NGO partner Ovidiu Rom, at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest. Members of our organization handed excellence awards to public figures involved in actively promoting equal access to education to all children regardless their ethnicity or their socio-economic background.
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Wrong message: Roma coalition deplores Commission findings on France

(English) Following today’s announcement by the European Commission on the situation of Roma in France, the EU Roma Policy Coalition has expressed its dismay at the Commission’s silence over France’s discriminatory treatment of Roma people over the summer. “The Commission accepted France’s assurances that it would properly transpose EU law in future. This focus on the future fails to provide justice to those who have already suffered discrimination and lost their homes in recent weeks,” said the Coalition’s spokesperson.
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EU to drop legal threat against France over Roma expulsions

(English) EU justice chief Viviane Reding will recommend that the European Commission drop a threat of legal action against France over its Roma crackdown after the French government vowed to change national legislation, an EU official has said.
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Mr. Laszlo Andor, the EU Comissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion met with the children in Ferentari

(English) More than 50 children from School 136 in Ferentari, Bucharest took part in another “Read with me” event, organized by Policy Center for Roma and Minorities. This event is part of a campaign in which public figures are invited to read books and stories to students. Today, Mrs. Andreea Marin Banică read from one of her favorite childhood books (“Zâmbește” by Helen Exley), stressing the importance of having a positive attitude and enjoying what you do.
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French police take DNA samples of Roma, rights group claims

(English) A human rights group has accused French police of taking DNA samples of Roma as condemnation of France’s crackdown on illegal traveller camps intensifies.

French police have taken DNA samples of Roma (Gypsies) as part of a crackdown on illegal traveller camps, a leading human rights organisation has alleged.
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The Plight of the Roma

(English) The recent expulsions of Roma, also known as Gypsies, from France to their countries of origin, Romania and Bulgaria, reopened a longstanding discussion on the fate of this ethnic minority.

Many Europeans view Roma as swindlers, pickpockets, social welfare system abusers, and people living parasitical lives on the shoulders of society. Human rights advocates and Roma organizations say the negative attitude toward Roma is mainly based in racism.
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New educational perspectives for the children in Ferentari

(English) Policy Center for Roma and Minorities officially opened the doors of an alternative educational club at the Elementary School No. 136 located in the Ferentari neighborhood, Bucharest. The project aims to create a new, safe, but open, creative and challenging space for the children living in this area.
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“Who is afraid of Gypsies?”

(English) At the end of September we met with Vasile Ionescu, Roma rights activist and leader. We talked about current issues in the Romanian society such as the vision of some NGO’s on how they perceive the Roma issues and about the beginnings of the Roma movement in Romania, of which he was one of the initiators.
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European Roma Policy Coalition calls for a European Roma strategy

The European Roma Policy Coalition (ERPC) expresses its disappointment that at yesterday’s European Council a decision on a concrete strategy has been postponed until next month. It is important that heads of government should take a firm and united stand against policies which deliberately stigmatize and discriminate against Roma.
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Fictional Roma story in Bogdan Teodorescu’s “The Sword”

(English) We gathered in a friendly atmosphere to talk about Bogdan Teodorescu’s book, “The Sword”. The event was more engaging and interesting as the author himself, Mr. Teodorescu was there to share with us his vision.
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